Propane Service

Propane Service

Propane New Customer Special

New customer specials are now available.  Please call your local office for program details.

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Please note: Our Muskegon and Alma offices do not offer bulk propane delivery.

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Our Basic Courtesy Fill Program allows qualified customers the additional convenience of automatic delivery based on historical usage and current weather conditions.  It is important for you to let us know when your usage may change.  This would include adding/removing appliances and changes to the use of the residence.  This basic program is free and available to most propane customers with accounts in good standing.  Call your local office to see if the Courtesy Fill option is right fit for you.



It is very difficult to forecast seasonal homes that are not occupied year-round.   It is especially for these customers that we offer the Enhanced Courtesy Fill Program.  We will install a Wesrock cellular monitor on your tank (see below).  This program is available for any residential customer; see the article in this newsletter for more details.  Contact your local office if you would like to upgrade to the worry-free Enhanced Courtesy Fill Program.

Both the Basic and Enhanced Courtesy Fill Programs do not replace the customers’ obligation to monitor the propane distribution system on your property year-round.  Blarney Castle Oil Co. is not liable for direct damages to personal and real property (including, but not limited to, damage resulting from frozen pipes or other water damage) that occurs as a result of the exhaustion of propane in your system.



We are now offering Anova tank monitors to residential customers.  Upon request, Blarney Castle will install the monitor for a cost of $9.  The monitoring cost of the system is $60.00 per year.  Blarney Castle continues to own the equipment and it is just there for the time period that you are with us and want to keep it going. After the monitor is installed, Blarney Castle will get the tank monitor system to communicate with our monitoring program.  Once that is done we will provide the customer with a password and login information so that you can monitor it as well on the mobile app or website.

These monitors should bring peace of mind to our customers that are often away during the winters or anyone gone on extended trips.  Any qualified residential customer can have the monitor installed and use the service. 

The benefits of monitoring your tank?

  • Never run out of propane or fuel oil
  • Comfort during all seasons
  • Alerting of drastic usage changes
  • Increased safety for your home
  • Decrease of the possibility of frozen pipes
  • Reliable and durable equipment
  • Online access to tank chronological fill history and usage information

Please contact your local branch office for more information or to sign-up to get a monitor for your peace of mind.

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