Remote Home Monitor


What is your peace of mind worth to you? Check out our Remote Home Monitor for only $30 a year. Blarney Castle is always looking for new ways to keep your property safe. After great review, we have put together a custom product just for you. By teaming up with Pump Alarm we have created a unique package that will alert you when unexpected occurrences happen while you’re away.


Our customer Remote Home Monitor package actively monitors:

  • Electrical power outages
  • Water in the basement
  • Low inside temperature

Our custom designed package features:

  • Alarm with battery backup to keep monitoring even in a power outage
  • Remote water sensor that notifies you if it gets wet
  • Temperature sensor that notifies you if the temperature drops below 45°
  • Power sensor that notifies you if power is lost, and when it is restored
  • The alarm is small and easy to install yourself if you are handy. 
  • We also offer installation by our trained technicians.
  • No need for land line phone or internet service
  • No cell service at your location?  Text message works in many places where cell phones don’t. 
  • Uses the nationwide Verizon network for text messaging




For a one time investment of $219.00, you can have peace of mind your property is safe while you are away. You can cancel the service at any time with no penalties.  All you need is our customized Remote Home Monitor package and a cell phone.  Works with all your mobile device no matter which carrier you use.  Automatically sends text notifications to as many as 3 mobile devices, so you’re sure to get the message.  And the cost is only $30 / YEAR. An early alert can save you money by avoiding costly damage to your property.


Call your Blarney Castle office and you can have this protection set up in time for winter. This way you will not need to worry about what you will find when you come back “up north”.

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